Felted Sheep

Yarn: Cascade 220 (100% wool – worsted)
Pattern: Fiber Trends “A Felted Flock”
Felting: Approximately 20 minutes total, following by rinsing, towel drying, stuffing and shaping. Air dried for 2 days, restuffed and final seam sewn.

First part was the body, knitted as one piece with some clever wrap and turn maneuvers.

Next, I picked up stitches along the neckline to do the head, then switched to the black for the nose. (Sorry, no head close up pic for some reason.) The tummy piece was knitted separately.

and then seamed to the front of the body (including the front seam on the front legs).

Picked up and knitted stitches with the black for the front hooves

and then sewed the back seams on the front feet and down along the sides and on to the front of the back legs.

Picked up and knitted stitches with the black for the back hooves

then partially seamed the back of the legs, leaving an opening for later stuffing. The tail and ears were knitted separately and sewn into place, and it was all ready for felting.

A couple more pics of the final result.

As I was pulling the pillow case out of the washer to check on the felting the second time, I found myself saying “Ok, Sherman, let’s see how you’re doing.” So I guess his name is Sherman the Sheep. He still needs eyes – I bought some little plastic ones at Michaels, but I don’t really like them, so I’m going to keep looking for something nicer.


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